What is kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented tea.

What is the difference between Búcha and other kombuchas?

The main differences between Búcha and other kombuchas are that Búcha is a shelf-stable and much less acidic and "vinegary-tasting" than other kombuchas.

What is your Triple Distilled & Large Batch Controlled Process?

Tripe distillation ensures the product is as smooth tasting as possible (free of sediment), and the large batch controlled process ensures we yield a consistent high-quality product that is not at risk of any secondary fermentation.

What sediment is found in Búcha?

There is very little, (to-no) sediment found in Búcha due to the extensive Triple Filtration process.

Does Búcha contain alcohol?

No, Búcha contains no alcohol.

Why are 'young' coconuts preferred?

Young coconuts are especially prized for their water because they produce sweeter, more delicate-flavored water than more mature coconuts.

Where are Coco Libre's coconuts sourced?

The coconuts are sourced directly from young, coastal coconuts in one specific coastal region (single origin) in Vietnam. The coconut water is then immediately bottled directly at the source to ensure optimal taste and freshness.

What kind of sugar is in Coco Libre coconut water?

There is no added sugar in Coco Libre Sparkling. All of the sweetness is naturally occurring, coming from the coconut water itself and pure fruit juices.

Why does Coco Libre coconut water appear yellow?

Coconut water often appears slightly yellow in color. This doesn't mean the product has expired or is spoiled, but rather that it is pure coconut water with nothing added to it to adulterate the product.

Where do the electrolytes come from?

The electrolytes are naturally occurring in the coconut water.

When is the best time to drink coconut water?

Coconut water is best enjoyed at any time during the day and even at night. However, as a low-calorie, enzyme and mineral-rich beverage that delivers an instant boost of energy, it is especially great to drink early in the morning on an empty stomach, before or after a workout, pre and post-meals, before going to bed, and even as a remedy to getting rid of a hangover.

Does Coco Libre Sparkling contain any added sugar?

Nope - Plain and simple, there is no added sugar in Coco Libre Sparkling.

Where does the 25% juice come from?

5% of the juice comes from pure fruit juices, and the other 20% comes from coconut water, which is also classified as a juice.

Why are polyphenols from green tea extract good for you?

Polyphenols' benefits are associated with their role as antioxidants. Antioxidants (natural molecules) are known for their ability to combat cell damage by helping neutralize free radicals in our bodies.

Where do the electrolytes come from?

The electrolytes are naturally occurring in the coconut water.

What is 'NHANCED Recovery?

'NHANCED Recovery is a carbohydrate-rich preoperative hydration beverage that promotes improved surgical outcomes when used as part of the larger ERAS protocol.

What are the components of an ERAS protocol?

The ERAS protocol varies slightly depending on the surgery, but the emphasis of the protocol is on pain management, nutrition & hydration (that's where we come in), and patient education prior to, and after surgery.

Why is the preoperative hydration beverage important?

Using a comprehensive hydration solution prior to surgery decreases the surgical stress related to hunger & thirst, anxiety, and provides important metabolic advantages. Clear liquid carbohydrate-loading with an ERAS-specific beverage improves insulin sensitivity and decreases the risks of high postoperative blood sugar levels.

In addition, inflammation and oxidative stress contribute to length of hospitalization and patient morbidity. In short, it improves the overall experience for the patient, while decreasing the likelihood of complications.

What issues are addressed by your 'NHANCED Recovery beverage?

The ingredients and combinations included in the formulation are based upon nutritional and antioxidant science. 'NHANCED Recovery is intended to support the critical goals of the ERAS protocol, including:

1. metabolic support by reducing insulin resistance and muscle catabolism;

2. diminish fasting-related hunger, thirst, dehydration and stress;

3. improve immune function with lower wound infection rates;

4. decrease oxidative stress and inflammation;

5. reduce postoperative nausea, vomiting and other complications;

6. lessen preoperative morning headache in heavy coffee drinkers;

7. decrease length of stay and hospital costs;

8. enhance patient satisfaction, functional recovery and quality of life.

What are the ingredients in 'NHANCED Recovery?

In order to maximize the beneficial health effects, ‘NHANCED Recovery combines a broad spectrum of micronutrients (from multiple sources) in nine distinct categories including:

1. carbohydrates

2. hytonutrients

3. electrolytes

4. mineral co-factors

5. dietary vitamins

6. antioxidants

7. amino acids

8. nucleotide subunits

Why is 'NHANCED Recovery more beneficial than other commercial beverage options?

'NHANCED Recovery utilizes a complex formulation of ingredients to reduce perioperative physical stressors and neuropsychological factors, and provides a more comprehensive science-based micronutrient approach to preoperative hydration. For example, many commercially-available products employ maltodextrin as the carbohydrate source. This polysaccharide is artificially processed from starch (usually corn or rice) and has a high glycemic index that may lead to spikes in blood glucose level. It also may be associated with undesirable bloating and flatulence

What exactly does ERAS mean and why is my healthcare provider suggesting it?

ERAS is an acronym for 'Enhanced Recovery After Surgery', an emerging concept in patient management that refers to the implementation of a specific set of preoperative protocols. Institution of ERAS protocols has been scientifically shown to promote to better patient outcomes, when implemented correctly.

How did the use of ERAS protocols originate?

In the context of over 320 million operations performed annually, about 25% are still associated with patient complications. The approach originated in Europe and has recently spread to North America and Asia. Following substantive scientific research and support, ERAS protocols are becoming a pillar of patient management.


WATERisLIFE is a leading global water charity that focuses on providing clean water, hygiene, and sanitation programs across the world. They are currently active in 45 countries.

What does WATERisLIFE do in their target countries?

WATERisLIFE has built out a partnership with (New Age, and) Innovative Water Technologies to bring SunSprings (portable water treatment plans that crank out over 10,000 gallons of clean water PER DAY) to communities around the world. The focus of WATERisLIFE's activities is to implement this cutting-edge technology, harnessing its potential to impact more people, more efficiently.

What is a SunSpring?

The SunSpring, founded by Jack Barker, Innovative Water Technologies, is the only solar water treatment system on the planet that is WQA Gold Seal Certified to the US EPA Standard for microbiological water purifiers. It is a stand-alone and self-contained solar and wind-powered filtration unit with an automated self-cleaning maintenance system. Bet you can't say that ten times fast.

What does it do?

Using its proprietary GE nanotube filtration technology, the SunSpring removes 99% of particulate matter, turbidity, bacteria, viruses, and cysts dirtying any water source, from murky rivers to buckets of rainwater. One SunSpring can filter up to 5,000 gallons of clean water per day for 10 years and beyond. Splish-splash.

How many SunSprings have been installed thus far?

There are already 400+ SunSpring units filling up cups around the globe. And while children under 5 get a renewed chance at life, SunSpring units help a community focus on growth through healthcare, economy, and education.

What kind of micro-economic impact can SunSprings have on impoverished communities?

Imagine a village that charges its people five cents for a ten-gallon jug of water. While that number seems minute, it can provide enough profits to lift a community out of poverty and into recovery. The SunSpring machine also serves as a power source where citizens can charge their cell-phones for just a penny or two. The SunSpring redefines microenterprise in terms where entire communities transform

How was the WATERisLIFE and New Age partnership formed?

New Age and WATERisLIFE share the goal of impacting the greatest number of people possible, as effectively as possible. In reviewing the amazing work that WATERisLIFE has done over the past decade, New Age & WATERisLIFE came together to do something no one has ever done - create a product in which 100% OF PROFITS are donated back to the charity.

How does that work, are 100% of profits ACTUALLY donated back?

2019 signifies the first year we're marketing this product on a national basis. The structure is quite simple, New Age sells the product as it would any other in the portfolio, collects the revenue, and cuts WATERisLIFE a check (on a monthly basis) to put toward funding more SunSpring units around the world.

How can I contribute to the cause?

Go to WATERisLIFE.com to learn more about what our amazing partner is up to, view high-quality & moving content, and of course - donate to keep the clean water flowing to those who need it most.

What kind of tea is used in the Xing Craft Brew Collection?

Ginger Georgia Peach is white tea-based, Japanese Mountain Green is green tea-based, and both Hibiscus Honey Blossom and Madagascar Vanilla Chai are black tea-based.

What does artisanal mean?

Artisanal refers to the origin of the tea we carefully select for each flavor. The black, green, and white teas are all imported from the highest quality producers who source their raw materials from around the world in as responsible a manner as possible.

Is there caffeine in the Xing Craft Brew Collection?

Yes, the caffeine content in the Xing Craft Brew Collection ranges from 60-120mg per bottle. Ginger Georgia Peach contains 60mg, Japanese Mountain Green contains 70mg, and both Hibiscus Honey Blossom and Madagascar Vanilla Chai contain 120mg caffeine.

Is the caffeine in the Xing Craft Brew Collection naturally occurring?


Where does the sweetness come from?

Natural herb, spice, and fruit-derived flavor essences give the product a natural sweetness. Aside from the flavor essences, however, there are no additional sweetening agents present in the product.

Is there really no sugar in the product?

Yes, the product is 100% sugar-free! Crazy that it still tastes sweet, right?

Where do the 5 calories come from?

The 5 calories come from trace amount of carbohydrates in the tea leaves.

What makes Xing Tea Premium?

Xing Tea's slow-brewed recipe we have followed since the brand's inception produces a full-bodied, flavorful, premium end product that tastes as though it were a carefully steeped, home-brewed tea.

What sets Xing Tea apart from competitors?

Xing Tea follows traditional slowly brewed green tea recipes, and in doing so, is the highest value ready-to-drink tea available on the market.

What gives Xing Tea its sweetness?

Xing Tea is sweetened only with natural flavors, honey, and pure cane sugar. It is Non-GMO, preservative-free, and there is no high-fructose corn syrup in any of the flavors.

Is there caffeine in Xing Tea?

Yes, Xing tea contains roughly 110mg of caffeine per can, equivalent to 35mg caffeine per 8oz serving.

What is Ginseng Extract?

Ginseng is an herb that provides stimulation, can support stress reduction, and boost the immune system.